Show Your Sexiness with Sheer Blouse for Women

Sheer blouse now is regarded as the sexiest blouse that can show off the curve of your body. Sheer blouse is thin and of course more inexpensively. There are a lot of types of sheer blouse to purchase. Overall sheer blouse shows a feminine look but still not ignoring sexiness. Before buying the sheer blouse for women, it would be better for you prepare your self, means that make your belly looks flat or sexy. If you feel that your belly is too fat, you’d better to avoid wearing sheer blouse because more than half of your body will be clearly appear. Below are the type of sheer blouse for women!

Considerations Wearing Sheer Blouse

Recently the use of sheer blouse is really phenomenal even some Us artists like Rihanna, Beyonce and Lady Gaga ever worn the sheer blouse. A sheer blouse can be worn with a tank top inside, camisole or another underwear for women. Some women even wear nothing when wearing the sheer blouse, just with a black scotch tapes to cross their nipples., some people are brave doing this, but you are not too confident with it, you can wear your sheer blouse wisely by using T-shirt inside. If you want to cover your body with T-shirt, be sure that the color of T-shirt is  similar or almost similar to your skin. Alternatively you can use extra thin T-shirt with the color is like of your sheer blouse.

In addition, you also may involve some smart layering. Due to the sheer blouses shows what is underneath, you can consider a slip to be worn below. That’s great option for rocking your clothing style. Make it nice by  teaming a neutral blouse with a colorful slip you have.  Choosing the right stylish bra or crop top underneath can impress more daring look. 

Visit some local store to hunt a bra. It all depend on your pant or skirt, if your skirt or pant is in red color, you are allowed to choose a bra with red too, although we know that the sheer blouse is in  different color.  When decided layering over the top, be sure to pair a blazer and a sheer blouse for some structure, alternatively you can choose a knit sweater for warmth. In conclusion, the use of sheer blouse for women is really simple and easy-to-do. We hope that sheer blouse for women above can inspire you all. 

How to Wear Legging for Women

Legging for women now is extremely impressive. Almost all women desire wearing legging for themselves. Legging pant is not only trendy but also so comfortable to wear because the fabric is elastic and allows you to move anywhere you want. instead worn at home, legging for women can be T-shirt / gown or dress, trust us, the pleasure, elegance and comfort will be gotten at the same time when you are wearing it.  In real, there are a lot of ways how to wear legging for women.  Here are the tips!

Oversize Colored- Blouse

Wearing the blouse to be paired with a legging for women is impressively. You have to wear an complementary over- sized color blouse over the leggings. If you feel confused determining what type of legging you should wear, please choose the liquid legging.  Beside that, you can use a top which is completed with an extended length and that finishes below your hips. 

To add your confidence, you are able to pair it with a wide belt to coordinate with the texture of your liquid leggings , like a color or glitter finish. Wearing this would draw many attentions to the belt with your personal liquid legging!. Beside that, you are able to wear your blouse with prints and bright colors that allows to draw attention to the top, not for the legging.  Make it perfect by having a flat ballerina shoe and an ankle bootie.

Liquid Metallic Blouson Tunic Top

Another way to wear legging for women is by having a liquid metallic blouson tunic top. As we know that most of legging commonly are made from different Spandex blends such as viscose/ elastene, , polyester/Spandex or nylon/Spandex while the most familiar type is in glitter or metalic texture that finished in colors like a copper, black and also gold. In addition, you are able to choose the  gold draped blouson tunic and look so pretty when you want wearing it with a pair of black liquid leggings paired with black or gold high heeled gladiator sandals.

Term Of Accessories

The last thing to consider with the legging is accessories. Wearing earrings is an obligation, be sure to choose the dangling type of earrings to appear an exclusive look but still be young. In the other hand, you can use a pendant necklace along with a handbag with similar color family as the leggings you had. By selecting appropriate accessories, your legging will be an important part of the overall ensemble.


Tips Finding Best Shirt for Fat Man

Fat men is not always unlucky. Some of them probably feel difficult in choosing the right shirt. When other people can choose the fitted- size of shirt, but it is not for fat man. They can’t find out the shirt with XXL size or even more than it.  Few clothing shops perhaps sell shirt on their sizes, but we know that the body size of obese is different so that not of all XXL or more size can fit  to them. If you are one of them, let’s learn how to find out best shirt for fat man.

Go To A Tailor

A tailor is the suitable person can help you to get the fitted- size shirt. Not only the size, even you can request the design of best shirt for fat man you wish. If you have no idea for the design of your shirt, you can consult to them and generally they will show you some special design of shirt for fat men. They can also measure the waist, arm, belly properly so that we are also sure that the result of shirt will be fitted to your body. Meanwhile for the fabric, we also recommend you to use a light and thin fabric. Avoid the use of fabric that can’t absorb water and sweat because commonly they will contain much sweats even when stay in the open room. So, wearing shirt for fat men is not as difficult as you think.  

Design and Prints

For the design, actually is up to you but you’d better avoid the fabric with big square prints or horizontal ripped as long as they can make you look bigger like a monster. To look more ordinary, you can use a fabric with plain color with the neutral color. Or you can choose the bright color but be sure that the color is not too excessive. The use of pocket on the skirt can also reduce the ‘fat’ look on them. Design with a pocket on your shirt seems better than two pocket with the standard size.


Then, the last tips finding best shirt for fat man is also related closely with shoes. For shoes, you can choose the loafers shoes with black color. It is perfectly paired for your skirt since black is a neutral color that is almost suitable for any kind of shirt. Also, avoid using a sporty plain white shoes if your skin is too black or brown, because it will not match to your shoes. We hope that the way finding best shirt for fat man above can inspire you all.

Choosing Right Negligee for Women

Choosing right negligee for women actually is not as difficult as you think. As we know that Negligee is regarded as an important thing can’t be separated from women. Long years ago, there were many women who want to look beautiful but not with Negligee. Now it is 100% contrast because the Negligee not only liked by adult women and pregnant women but also for teens. The design of Negligee now becomes more various and colorful. Even some of them are sold with the unique design, colorful fabric theme and with beads and laces to fulfill an up –to-date fashion. Choosing right Negligee for women may also be careless because some them probably are not suitable with your style and body shape. Here are the ways in choosing the right Negligee for you.

About The Size

The first thing to consider in choosing right negligee is the term of the size. Not of all size can fits for you. Don’t make your self sinks into the Negligee. So be sure to choose the Negligee in your original size. Some of Negligee is designed with an extra large size, if you want to wear it just for non pregnancy’s need, be sure to choose the size that fits for you. For leisure time, you can choose the Negligee with an extra soft material like cotton. As long as they can be worn comfortably when sleeping or relaxing at home, you may have it. Cotton Negligee usually is more inexpensively than others, although we know that most of them are designed for plain motif.

When You Want To Wear It

You need also to determine when you want to wear it. If the Negligee for women want to be used for shopping, going to mall or other informal occasion, you’d better choosing right negligee with the colorful color. Pair it with high- heels and belts can make you look feminine. Even for those with obesity or overweight, the use of right negligee for women can be considered to make them look slimmer than originally body size.  While if the right negligee is worn by pregnant women, be sure the size is in XL or XXL because over the time, the mom’s belly will be bigger and it is impossible for you to buy a new Negligee every week just to make a mom looks good in wearing Negligee. Well, we hope that tips in choosing right negligee for women above can be so helpful for you.


Types of Dress for Summer

When summer feels so hot, probably not of all women want to look pretty by wearing a dress. But not for summer lovers. Indirectly, summer also delivers the season of weddings and these are special affairs to present the most wonderful opportunity to get dolled up to your best dress!. In addition, colorful feminine frocks reign supreme for the great event in the summer and splash into different styles that will maintain your looking. You also need to mix a chic dress with footwear and lovely jewelry for a fool proof summer wedding. Here are types of dress for summer to consider for you!

About Print

Well, the stylish graphic prints  silhouettes actually is the greatest options for summer weddings. No matter it's a lovely watercolor print or feminine florals. The printed dresses are easily way to make your subtle statement. You can also choose a floor length dress in the best water- color floral print for show stopping ensemble. In addition, the dresses commonly are designed in patterns then just pair with muted accessories to look impressive. Delicate metallic jewelry and neutral footwear can be also considered as good- addition the playful vibe of the summer dress.


The next thing to consider when determining the dress for summer is about the bright. Bright and bold hues in any type of shades of the rainbow can be chosen for showcase elegant and chic style in the summer wedding. Make your self look beautiful and be a focal point in the wedding party. Beside that, you can try motifs from sophisticated sheaths in vivid hues like fuchsia, cobalt to flow the chiffon maxi dresses in bright orange or yellow.

For innovative style, you are able to choose the dresses in saturated shades which can get o the new appearance when is paired with other different accessories. Additionally, you can combine a bright color with a neutral accessories to allow their bold hue shine. Another way can opt for a splash of prints. Have the rock sense with a multi-color faux-gem necklace on top of the bright dress for on trend look.  The belt can be also considered for an added dose of pizazz.


Pastels can be also considered as the most elegant option for a stylish look. Opt for airy chiffon and light  fabrics in shades like light baby blue, pink and mint to appear refined but still elegant. Overall, the gowns or dresses in pastels are certainly to gain praise for being great appropriate. We hope that types of dress for summer above can inspire you all.


Dress for Petite Women

Selecting dress for short women actually is not too difficult. You can make it easily by choosing right dress for them. Most of short women probably limit on the size, color and design. They are not as free as tall women. Short women must wear a clothing that not makes them sink. So, combination of color and design also need to consider. They are ought to be carefully not to look like a clown on the way. So here are some tips selecting the suitable dress for petite women.

Jeans and Trousers

Based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the average adult women in US is 63.8 inches, or 5 feet and 4 inches.  Then, if you are shorter than average height, you probably need to meet several challenges when shopping for the best clothes you had. If you have a petite body, "width can be horrible enemy. If you want  to look for trouser, be sure that the hemlines can achieve the bottom of your waistbands and heels and being sit underneath nevel.

You are able to be soft fabrics that drape especially as good- wool. Also be sure  to avoid pockets or pleats to make a smooth silhouette. In addition, there are some pants you should avoid i.e. tracksuit trousers, baggy trousers and also,  cropped trousers  and low-slung waistbands that add  offer extra widths to your body & make it dumpy.  Straight-cut jeans in dark denim can be also considered, moreover when its is completed with the crease to offer slimmer and longer look to your legs.

Dress and Skirt for Petite

The use of dress and skirt for petite is not too bad. They have same opportunity to look perfect with dress or skirt like other women. Dresses are also so ideal for petite due to one reason, is that this is wearing one color from shoulder to knee makes your body seem taller and more streamlined. If you are not trust it, try to pick the best one! There are many styles you can get from local stores but be sure to choose dress and skirt that can emphasize your legs rather than torsos. Well choosing the Halter neck dresses, strappy styles, one-shoulder and strapless which are flattering for petite women.

For the last  dress for petite women, you seem need to avoid bows, puff sleeves and ruffles that make you look too "girly." Avoid big prints because can make you look so tiny than real.  Select a bright, block color and tiny prints. In the term of skirts, be sure to select pencil skirts and as able as possible to avoid 1950s style gathered skirts or a line skirts.