Best Clothing for Short Women

Short women is not always unlucky. Some of them even can look so beautiful with the best clothing for short women. Not of all types of clothing can be worn perfectly to their body so that you should be smart in choosing good- clothing for your self. If you are less than 160 cm and want to look taller and more beautiful.  Well in USA, the average of height for adult women is about 63.8 inches or at least 4 inches. In addition, you probably meet few challenges when shopping for clothes, especially If you are shorter than average height at there.  Here we give you tips of best clothing for short women!.

Jeans and Trousers

Especially for women with petitie body, width is the most terrible enemy. Tailored, flat-fronted trousers and straight legged also make the legs seem longer. In addition, the use of trouser hemlines are ought to achieve the bottom of your waistbands and heels to sit underneath a navel. Another way is by choosing a soft fabric that drapes as well as possible like a smooth wool and to make a smooth silhouette, be sure to avoid pockets and pleats. Not too sink into your clothes, as able as possible to avoid low-slung waistbands, baggy trousers, cropped trousers and tracksuit trousers that can add width to your body and appearing "dumpy style" .  Alternatively, you may try a straight cut jeans in the darker denim,  equipped with a crease to make your legs looks longer and slimmer.

Jackets, Coats and Shirt

The next clothing for short women is related closely with an option of coats, jacket and shirt. You may also use a  V-neck shirts and slim-fits. You can also choose the tops in the darker color aims to elongate your body. Make sure to avoid the tops in different color than your bottom half.  Also, avoid the sloppy tops and crop tops like as sweat- shirts. Slim sleeves on structured jackets can work well for this way. Hemlines  must sit at hip height to make you body looks taller.

Choosing Right Shoes

Beside above, you can also need to choose the right of shoes. You can look beautiful and sleek with your pretty feet by choosing the right color of shoes that is similar to your skin tone.   Or you are able to choose the type of shoes that fits to your tight pants. We also recommend you to use round toed ballet pumps, pointy shoes and closed toe  with mid height kitten heels.