Tips Finding Best Shirt for Fat Man

Fat men is not always unlucky. Some of them probably feel difficult in choosing the right shirt. When other people can choose the fitted- size of shirt, but it is not for fat man. They can’t find out the shirt with XXL size or even more than it.  Few clothing shops perhaps sell shirt on their sizes, but we know that the body size of obese is different so that not of all XXL or more size can fit  to them. If you are one of them, let’s learn how to find out best shirt for fat man.

Go To A Tailor

A tailor is the suitable person can help you to get the fitted- size shirt. Not only the size, even you can request the design of best shirt for fat man you wish. If you have no idea for the design of your shirt, you can consult to them and generally they will show you some special design of shirt for fat men. They can also measure the waist, arm, belly properly so that we are also sure that the result of shirt will be fitted to your body. Meanwhile for the fabric, we also recommend you to use a light and thin fabric. Avoid the use of fabric that can’t absorb water and sweat because commonly they will contain much sweats even when stay in the open room. So, wearing shirt for fat men is not as difficult as you think.  

Design and Prints

For the design, actually is up to you but you’d better avoid the fabric with big square prints or horizontal ripped as long as they can make you look bigger like a monster. To look more ordinary, you can use a fabric with plain color with the neutral color. Or you can choose the bright color but be sure that the color is not too excessive. The use of pocket on the skirt can also reduce the ‘fat’ look on them. Design with a pocket on your shirt seems better than two pocket with the standard size.


Then, the last tips finding best shirt for fat man is also related closely with shoes. For shoes, you can choose the loafers shoes with black color. It is perfectly paired for your skirt since black is a neutral color that is almost suitable for any kind of shirt. Also, avoid using a sporty plain white shoes if your skin is too black or brown, because it will not match to your shoes. We hope that the way finding best shirt for fat man above can inspire you all.

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