How to Wear Legging for Women

Legging for women now is extremely impressive. Almost all women desire wearing legging for themselves. Legging pant is not only trendy but also so comfortable to wear because the fabric is elastic and allows you to move anywhere you want. instead worn at home, legging for women can be T-shirt / gown or dress, trust us, the pleasure, elegance and comfort will be gotten at the same time when you are wearing it.  In real, there are a lot of ways how to wear legging for women.  Here are the tips!

Oversize Colored- Blouse

Wearing the blouse to be paired with a legging for women is impressively. You have to wear an complementary over- sized color blouse over the leggings. If you feel confused determining what type of legging you should wear, please choose the liquid legging.  Beside that, you can use a top which is completed with an extended length and that finishes below your hips. 

To add your confidence, you are able to pair it with a wide belt to coordinate with the texture of your liquid leggings , like a color or glitter finish. Wearing this would draw many attentions to the belt with your personal liquid legging!. Beside that, you are able to wear your blouse with prints and bright colors that allows to draw attention to the top, not for the legging.  Make it perfect by having a flat ballerina shoe and an ankle bootie.

Liquid Metallic Blouson Tunic Top

Another way to wear legging for women is by having a liquid metallic blouson tunic top. As we know that most of legging commonly are made from different Spandex blends such as viscose/ elastene, , polyester/Spandex or nylon/Spandex while the most familiar type is in glitter or metalic texture that finished in colors like a copper, black and also gold. In addition, you are able to choose the  gold draped blouson tunic and look so pretty when you want wearing it with a pair of black liquid leggings paired with black or gold high heeled gladiator sandals.

Term Of Accessories

The last thing to consider with the legging is accessories. Wearing earrings is an obligation, be sure to choose the dangling type of earrings to appear an exclusive look but still be young. In the other hand, you can use a pendant necklace along with a handbag with similar color family as the leggings you had. By selecting appropriate accessories, your legging will be an important part of the overall ensemble.

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